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Fusion, Atmosphere and Poseidon Select Distributors

We have a distributor network in North America, parts of Asia and most of Europe. If you are purchasing a new microscope anywhere in the world, you also have the option to purchase directly through the major microscope manufacturers. If you are outside of a region where we have a distributor, please contact us directly at sales@protochips.com.


Protochips has currently designed SEM and TEM solutions for FEI, Hitachi, JEOL and Zeiss. All four of these Original Equipment Manufacturers can quote our systems as an add-on to your new equipment purchases, or you can contact our distributor network or us directly.

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If you use a SEM or TEM from another manufacturer, contact us. We will work with you to determine the technical and cost feasibility as well as the time required to customize a solution for your requirements. Together we can determine if we can meet your needs.

For sales anywhere in the world, please either contact your OEM representative from JEOL, FEI, Hitachi or Zeiss or if you are in the following regions, please contact our distributors.

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We currently have personnel located on the East Coast and the West Coast. Contact us and we can schedule a visit in your area.



Edge Scientific specializes in offering solutions for nanotechnology. They are the sole distributor for Protochips throughout Canada.

Canadian Fusion and Poseidon Select Sales

Asia and Oceania:


For JEOL Instruments: Asia and Oceania Fusion and Poseidon Select Sales


Our products are directly distributed by the OEMsJEOL, FEI and Hitachi


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NanoBiz Korea


Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Iceland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia:


JEOL Germany GmbH



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EDEN Instruments



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PIK Instruments
✉ Main Contact: Arkadiusz Piersa



Nano Instruments Ltd


The UK and Ireland:

Blue Scientific Ltd
✉ Contact Email


North America, France, Germany, UK, Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, and Spain:

C-FlatTM Distributor:

The most comprehensive source for electron microscopy, light microscopy, and histology supplies, chemicals, and equipment. EMS is our primary distributor for C-flat™ and DuraSiN™ products.


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Tell us about your in situ microscopy needs, and we will let you know exactly how we can support your lab and your research.