ImageSync is an innovative tool that synchronizes recorded images of data and video with TEM camera data on one screen.

Control your experiments by programming stimuli as waveforms or change parameters as you go. Observe data with a visual user interface that plots your results in real time. Optional ImageSync™ software synchronizes images from your Clarity software with the heating, electrical, gas, or fluid data with each of the Protochips holders so you can analyze your results quickly.

There are numerous benefits of ImageSync beyond the results: No software installation is required on your hardware. In fact, a high-performance laptop or desktop with 1080p input resolution is included along with all necessary hardware and cabling.

ImageSync is universally compatible with all microscopes. With it you can build a customizable scene from multiple sources on one screen and view data streams in one place. Additionally, you can capture time-synchronized recordings and process data in a more efficient workflow.

ImageSync is an available upgrade for the Clarity software of all our in situ system. To learn more about Clarity, visit our website