C-Flat is a clean, ultra-flat holey carbon film TEM grid primarily used for Cryo TEM and Automated TEM. With a variety of available hole diameters, mesh size, film thicknesses, and mesh material, there is a C-Flat product suitable for any application in the TEM. And with the fastest product turnaround on the market, C-Flat is readily available at the click of a button.

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Standard Products

C-flat products are completely specified by 4 parameters: the hole diameter, pitch of the holey carbon film, the material type, and mesh size of the TEM grid. The regular thickness of the carbon film is approximately 20 nm with a thick carbon option of approximately 40 nm. Custom grids are also available, so feel free to contact us for your specific C-Flat needs.

The breadth of applications in cryoTEM necessitates a wide range of holey carbon film patterns. With the recent expansion of the product line, a C-flat holey carbon film is available for almost any application. Whether 1 µm holes are needed for very high magnifications with ultra-high resolution cameras or large open areas are needed for larger specimens, C-flat is the perfect holey carbon grid.

C-flat is immediately available in several standard array patterns including hole diameters/hole spacing of 1/1, 1.2/1.3, 2/0.5, 2/1, 2/2, 2/4, 4/1, 4/2, and a multihole pattern. C-flat is supported by either a 200 mesh or 400 mesh copper or gold TEM grid and sold in quantities of 50, or 100.


C-flat holey carbon grids provide the ideal specimen support to achieve high resolution data in cryoTEM making C-flat the perfect choice for single particle analysis, cryo electron tomography and automated TEM analysis.

Cryo-electron tomography (cryoET) and Single Particle Analysis (SPA):
Numerous researchers have reported that the ultra-flat surface of C-flat leads to even ice thickness and uniform particle distribution. This optimal particle distribution results in superior data collection as compared with other holey support films. 2 µm hole sizes are standard but various hole sizes are available to accommodate the different magnifications necessary for quantitative TEM analysis.

Automated TEM:
C-flat provides a regular array of analysis sites compatible with automated data collection software such as Leginon. This compatibility, in combination with the more uniform ice thickness and particle distribution results in more high-quality target sites per grid. C-flat is compatible with FEI’s Vitrobot™, which automates the vitrification process and provides a fast and easy sample preparation.

Publications using C-flat:

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