E-chip TEM Sample Supports

E-chips are an essential part of your Protochips system. E-chips are manufactured using state-of-the-art semiconductor fabrication technology, and support both the sample and control of the environment around the sample.

E-chips are specifically designed, fabricated and optimized for each of Protochips’ product lines: Fusion, Poseidon Select and Atmosphere.


Fusion heating E-chips use proprietary silicon carbide membrane to rapidly heat samples to 1200 °C with high accuracy and low drift.

Fusion electrical E-chips offer a variety of metal electrode patterns on a thin silicon nitride-based, ultra-low leakage membrane.

Fusion Electrothermal E-chips offer combined thermal and electrical biasing on a single chip for improved sample control.

*Aduro E-chips can still be ordered.

Poseidon Select

Poseidon Select E-chips keep samples hydrated, and create a thin liquid layer for high-resolution imaging. Various spacer thicknesses and window sizes let you select the ideal E-chip parameters for a given sample.

Poseidon Select electrochemistry E-chips offer a variety of electrode materials and geometries for performing quantitative experiments in situ.

Poseidon Select heating E-chips heat liquid samples to 100 °C with high accuracy and low drift.


Atmosphere E-chips contain a gas environment up to 1atm. The thermal E-chip features a proprietary silicon carbide membrane to heat samples with high temperature accuracy and uniformity; this enables high resolution imaging with low thermal drift. Unlike metal-based heaters, the SiC is chemically and thermally robust and will not participate in reactions.

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