A single core lab TEM solution. Advanced, wide-ranging capabilities. It can be a challenge to meet the needs of multiple researchers, and be responsible for equipment maintenance, all while working to boost lab utilization. As in situ experts, Protochips can help you stay ahead of researchers’ needs. We offer a unified product line of TEM sample holders and SEM stages, and a single software platform that is FEI and JEOL tested and approved. We also provide superior technical support. It is a complete system that can keep you up and running, while delivering results to your clients that will keep your instruments fully booked.



In situ heating and electrical biasing has become a required tool for microscopy labs. The Fusion Heating and Electrical system simplifies management by delivering advanced functionality through simple plug-and-play components and workflow-based software that is easy to learn and intuitive to use.

Poseidon Select

Battery, fuel cell and biological applications are growing rapidly. The EDS-compatible Poseidon Select system has in situ electrochemistry and liquid heating packages that make it uniquely flexible in addressing a wide range of customer needs. The one-gasket design makes chip loading and sample prep much simpler. A wide range of E-chips allows your lab’s users to customize the liquid environment for their specific sample.



The Atmosphere Heating and Gas Reaction system increases your range of applications and appeal to a broader customer base. It is more powerful than an ETEM, at a fraction of the cost. The software that controls the sample environment is fully integrated and easy-to-use, which keeps researchers and equipment safe at all times. In fact, Atmosphere is the only gas cell tested and approved for use by FEI and JEOL.

Case Study

Next Generation Semiconductor Devices  Scientists evaluating resistive random access memory (RRAM) technologies needed to determine the mechanism that created a low resistance pathway for electrons to flow. The researchers used Protochips’ Fusion with a focused ion beam (FIB system) to observe the dynamic electrical switching mechanism, and were able to describe the physical and chemical behavior of filament formation.

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