An investment in better in situ research and actionable data. You want the best technology for your lab. You need instruments that stand up to heavy use. You also have to stay focused on corporate research goals. Protochips is the market leader in microscopy tools for in situ research. We have deep knowledge of real-world applications, so we can provide sophisticated, dependable TEM holders and software solutions to meet a range of in situ research challenges and unleash your curiosity. You can test your sample under actual operating conditions, and quickly interpret and act on the results.



Fusion Heating and Electrical holders deliver exactly what you need: accurate heating to high-temperature conditions, and electrical analysis to characterize materials and semiconductors. Sample prep is simplified thanks to workflows with easy-to-follow instructions. Evaluation is enhanced by our full-featured, easy-to-use software.

Poseidon Select

With Poseidon Select, you can see your wet samples directly under the influence of real-world conditions. This makes it possible to understand battery charging and discharging directly in the microscope. Poseidon Select is optimized for analytical data collection, and features a safe liquid flow holder designed to protect both the microscope and lab staff.



The Atmosphere Heating and Gas Reaction system converts your TEM into an in situ gas reaction chamber, which makes it safe and easy to take your catalysis research to the next level. The turnkey software automatically monitors and executes experiments, enabling faster time-to-result, increased productivity and improved lab ROI.

Case Study

Perovskite/Metal 3-way Catalyst  Researchers at the University of Michigan are exploring promising new automotive exhaust catalyst materials. They are using Protochips’ Atmosphere system to simulate conditions that more closely match the real-world catalyst reaction environment in the TEM. Their results are helping catalyst scientists better understand material behavior in real-time at the atomic scale.

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