Cutting-edge TEM sample holders for cutting-edge research. As a principal investigator, you are looking for what has never been seen. Protochips supports your discoveries with top-quality and easy-to-use in situ TEM sample holders and SEM stages that are approved by all major electron microscope manufacturers. We also provide software that translates raw data into clear results, and first-rate technical support. As our extensive publication history demonstrates, we have a proven record of helping our customers see into the unknown, and then share what they find with the world.



The Fusion Heating and Electrical Holder delivers true electrothermal analysis, with simultaneous and precise heating and electrical characterization. It is paired with powerful and user-friendly software that lets you get the most out of your instruments, no matter what kind of experiment you are conducting.

Poseidon Select

Poseidon Select is the most successful liquid microscopy product on the market. Why? It is optimized for analytical data collection, without compromising safety for you or your instruments. Poseidon Select is available with add-on heating and electrochemistry packages so you can quickly customize your research.



Atmosphere is an advanced product that enables heating and imaging in real-world gases and pressures—opening up discoveries and results that were not possible before. Atmosphere is optimized for analytical data collection, which makes it easy to adjust sample temperature, gas composition and pressure while imaging in the microscope.

Case Study

Lithiation and Delithiation in Batteries  A key challenge in the development of lithium-ion battery materials is combating the formation of lithium dendrites on the electrode surface after repeated charge/discharge cycles. Using Protochips’ Poseidon Select system, researchers successfully imaged the formation of lithium dendrites during battery charge/discharge cycles, while simultaneously collecting electrochemical data using STEM.

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